What on earth is a ‘fire tunnel’? Did the earlier Christians practice ‘fire tunnels’? Does the Bible teach us to run through ‘fire tunnels’?

Been meaning to post this for days!  This is an open question for your consideration and commenting:

What on earth is a “fire tunnel”?

Seeing as how the word “fire” has come up several times in last few days, and that it is scorching hot where I am right now (think…sauna; no… furnace), I wanted to post this question.

I was once told (by a seemingly sincere Christian) that I “must” go to a Bill Johnson conference, and if given the opportunity to run through a “fire tunnel”, I “must” do it.  My response was, “Sure, of course I will run through a fire tunnel!”  This answer was not based on knowledge but a lack of knowledge (ignorance of truth).

Millions of kids worldwide are being targeted by the Bethel movement to “come run through fire tunnels.” So, what the hell is a fire tunnel?

There are many references to “fire” in scripture.  However, there are zero references to “fire tunnels.”

What is your take on a “fire tunnel?”


  • Hello R.G,October 29th 2013Sunday evening there was a service at our trailer park. It was the last meeting of the week long conference and sermon for the evening was given by mr. Bill Johnson I had no idea who he was, the meeting was to end with a Fire tunnel. Summing up the evening: a sermon which was terribly hard to follow, repetitive worship songs which i really don't like, something wasn't right. The call came to \”hurry and run through the fire tunnel \”because there were alot of people and little time. I had no idea who would be laying thier hands on me it's a very disturbing practice also disturbing to watch.In 1 Timothy 5:22 it says (NIV)22 Do not be hasty in the laying on of hands, and do not share in the sins of others. Keep yourself pure.I decided I wasn't going to participate in this and i had to further study about these fire tunnels because i didn't know what to do with it I know it's nowhere to be found in the bible I pondered with the Lord on my way home that night and the next day. My conclusion: Moses went up on the mount 40 days and 40 nights the people got antsy and thought he was dead and never coming back so they manipulated Aaron and did all kinds of detestable practises. Now in our day and age….the people are getting antsy instead of waiting and living a life of integrity, pureness, holiness in patience for the return of our Lord and Saviour we seek …..these detestable practices! I like to hold to James 5:13-16 The Prayer of Faith13 Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise. 14 Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. 15 And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven. 16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. Why are the churches complicating these things I'm sure if every church would bury themselves in the proper READING and DOING WHAT THE WORD SAYS, PRAYER AND FASTING they would have strong healthy churches…..and christians could discern false teachings and practises for what they are. Greetings, blessings and still ever learning a sister in Christ RJ

  • I agree with the above, I am am a sincere firm and strong Christian, I agree with Paul in the Bible when he said that when non- believers are looking in the walls of a church and if they see all people\” speaking just in tongues\” BUT CANNOT SPEAK OR have not a 5 words of instruction, won't the non- belivers think they are mad….. I have been a christen for 30 ys, and frankly its a \”phonomenon\” to see people of all walks sadly seemly so desperate, ( and some are) needing to follow a \” stranger and allow others to have far more influence than even GOD said others are to have, ( other than GOD Him self)Leader. Rather than \”cultivate\” they own belief and Confidence in the same Creator thats in the same Bible all Christians are reading… people seem to love be lead by others… and never come to maturity. God said He has givens a SOUND MIND….. that means we have control and allowing the Holy spirit to helps us, to lead us all IN GODS HOLY SPIRIT AND GODA TURTH WHICH IS FOUND FOR \”ANY ONE\” WHO SO CHOOSES TO SEEK GOD WITH ALL THERE HEART Its to easy to allow others to have control over your on mind, it can happen to any open who is genuine and trusting….. after all not all cults will have a sign up saying they are, they simply rely on the weak and ignorant….. when you speak up and are not listen to , then spoken down on, that is a sure sign.When there are far more break ups in marriages, and then one person believes they are to travel all over the world ( at the Churches Expense but can seem to fix their own issues by the Power of GOD and thier own family and kids are suffering and broke, then there doctrine is obvious a bit off…..Where they is no Professional accountability, and all seems to be just run like a business, then the Heart of God is not there, the Love as JEUS says , will grow cold… and the people are never \”satisfied\” always asking and seeking more, however JESUS said, GIODLY NESS and CONTENT IS great Gain… they seem to preach one thing, but on the other hand are never satisfied….To often so many \” needs\” are not in fact meet on practical grounds, tier heads are so far up with JESUS< but they cannot care enough to give their own family or neighbour a hand. Always seeking their own Ministry, of corse in the name of GOD…. One should simply keep their own walk before GOD true and Honest, not running around puffing them selfs up, as to many Pentecostal ones do.Read Proverbs, keep a balance between FAITH AND WORKS>…. and by GODS HOLY spirt YOUR FATHER, He will lead you to all Truth….. as there is a fine line between Trust and then allowing others to take control over your own thoughts and mind….. (if you let people do that) its really comes down to choice…….. They are a lot of\” wanna bed and control freaks out there\” have your own Respect for your self, and keep it, and be strong! 🙂 READ your WORD of GOD form your own Bible, and keep the word hid in your Heart…. as the bottom line is, we all must know in whom we believe in, and individually be convinced from your own\” Conviction and testimony\” … DONT ALLOW ANY ONE TO LEAD YOU ASTRAY FROM GODS PURE WORD> and PROMISES…. as allotters are mere man…. Mortal…. get encouragement form others, but don't place others up on pedestals.

  • Your comparison with Moses going up on the mount and coming back to the impatient Israelites worshipping an idol is one of the best descriptions I've heard about this stuff! I myself was an avid follower of Bethel's teachings, their worship, and any teaching that was similar to theirs. But it was totally experience-based, I wasn't reading the word properly (and if I did, I only ate up the verses I liked, and ignored the rest), and eventually the 'voice of God' I trusted in led me straight into sexual sin and told me it was ok. The Lord had mercy on me however, and once I humbled myself and asked Him to reveal the truth to me, He showed me that the whole time I thought I was 'loving Jesus' and following Him, I was actually so prideful and self-focussed despite bearing the banner of Jesus. God brought me to true repentance after that (then got baptised and filled with the REAL Holy Spirit) and since then my walk with God has been a WORLD of a difference to what it was before; the biggest shock is that now my faith is actually BIBLICAL and everything I read in the Word actually makes sense!! TEST THE SPIRITS, EXHORT THE BRETHREN, STAY VIGILANT AND SOBER-MINDED, FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT, RUN THE RACE UNTIL THE END….. THE WAY IS NARROW! He is so, so faithful to those who will humble themselves before Him with an earnest heart of repentance and seeking the truth. I thank God for His grace.

  • 1 Timothy 5:22 – does it say that you should not have hands laid on you or that you should not lay hands on others. There is only one universally accepted understanding for this passage of scripture; it was understood thus since Eusebius in 250 AD right through the Catholic church period, through the Reformation and is further confirmed by almost every single Bible commentary available – to list a few Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers, Meyer's NT Commentary, Benson Commentary, Expositors's Greek Testament, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, Barnes' Notes on the Bible, Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges, Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary, Matthew Poole's Commentary, Bengels' Gnomen, Gills Exposition of the Entire Bible, Vincent's Word Studies and finally the Geneva Study Bible.What do they confirm? That the laying on of hands in 1 Tim 5:22 related to the ordination of presbyters and deacons. It could be extended to include the Apostolic laying on of hands for the readmission of penitents to church fellowship.Nothing, but nothing at all, to do with having people lay hands on you. It was about leaders laying hands on congregants for one maybe two specific reasons. It is not and never will be an injunction against or warning about some imagined risk in having someone lay hands on you. The warning was to the Leader, in this case Timothy, to not ordain and appoint people into ministry offices without due consideration and observation of the person.I sincerely hope this frees you from any fear or mistaken belief that hands touching you 'suddenly' or otherwise could wreck your relationship with Jesus. If our salvation and security were so timid and insecure the Church would never have made it past the first century AD..In Love

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